My Life As a Mom

If someone asked me to describe motherhood in one word, it would be - Chaos! 

From pregnancy, to delivery, to your human depending on your boobs for survival, to toddler-hood. It all has been exciting chaos, terrifying chaos & overwhelming chaos. 

I don't ever remember having anxiety before I became a mom, but panic attacks are the daily norm now. I love my tiny humans - but my goodness do they test me, push me, and make me check my sanity levels every-single-day.

I have created this blog as an outlet for my thoughts - but my hope is that I can help moms along their journey, to learn to embrace the chaos that is motherhood. 

"Motherhood has me by the balls right now"

"Motherhood is a constant battle between yelling at my toddlers, and telling myself to give them some grace."

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