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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

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“A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.” — Abraham Hicks

^^(Insert ‘Mind-Blown’ emoji here)^^

Seriously, your brain will follow your lead. Whatever information you are feeding yourself, you will eventually — with enough repetition — start to believe said information.

Moral of this post — Pay attention to the information you are consuming!

Lets go over a few of the ways you could become more mindful of the information that you are building your perception from.

Law Of Association

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn

I want to take this a bit further — and say that it is not only people that you spend the most time with — but the activities that you partake in regularly.

There are a few principals to this law that are worth briefly noting here:

<• Contiguity •Repetition •Attention •>

Contiguity -is the state of being in close proximity to a person, which creates an association in your mind to their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Who you associate with consistently — might be the most important factor for the potential of who you can become.

Take smoking for example, do you think a person would pick up that habit, if they were never around someone who was lighting up in the first place? No — because their brain would have never been introduced to the habit, and therefore never been satisfied by participating in the activity.

Repetition  - the act of repeating something that has already been done, said or written.

The people who you habitually hang around — will eventually create customized habits for your own lifestyle.

Lets stick with the smoking example. Do you think people become addicted after just one? Or was it after they hung around a group of people that smoked long enough — and was offered a drag enough times — that they finally went to a convenient store and bought a pack for themselves.

Attention  When you focus your mind on something or someone, you are rewarding that person or activity with the feeling of importance.

Whatever you focus your attention on — you give power to in your life.

I’m over the nicotine analogies — and this concept is fairly simple.  Whether it is the temptation of food, people, or activities — the more you give thought to it — the more thoughts you will create about it in the future.

So feed your brain good thoughts. You don’t have to try an eliminate the “bad” ones, gently recognize them and then intentionally pivot your attention to something better.


Here’s the thing. Our emotions are our personally customized and installed guidance system for navigating life.

How you feel will tell you everything that you need to know about anything!

There is so much truth to they saying “trust your gut.”  Literally — that is all you need to do in order to live a happy life.  That is the big secret we are all asking to know.

If you keep telling yourself that you feel sad, lonely, or anxious — your brain will eventually begin to believe those thoughts and accept them as true — therefore you will start acting in accordance to those thoughts.

Your actions in response to these said thoughts, are what leads you to believe that the action or emotion or state of your life — is a fact. If the state of your current life was indeed a fact — it would be permanent — and it is not.

At any given nanosecond — you can literally decide to start telling your brain a new story. Your imagination is the key to your happiness. Use every single bit of your creativity to dream up your perfect life, and then with the next thought, begin to map it out in your brain.

The thoughts that you are silently speaking to yourself — — is what you are teaching the inner you, to believe is true about the whole you.

You and only you — are responsible for the words flowing around inside your head. If you are unhappy with the results your thoughts are producing — think new thoughts — believe new possibilities.

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