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Control This One Thing & Change Your Life

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

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Lets cut the two paragraph bullshit intro.

If you can learn to control how you feel, you will control your life.

Your feelings dictate your every decision. Don’t believe me?  Did you hit the snooze button this morning because you genuinely wanted to, or because your body told you that you felt tired? Did you eat that cheeseburger yesterday because it was good for you, or because it made your mind giddy?

Our feelings rule our lives. Therefore, if our brain can learn to rule over how we feel, we can purposefully take control of our future.

Do you think people who wake up purposefully at 5 A.M. don’t feel tired? Negative. They just mastered their mind, over comfort. People who eat kale do not start out loving the taste of kale, they taught themselves to believe that eating the kale was more important than loving the taste of brownies.

The majority of our day is predetermined by our automatic feelings. We don’t think, we feel. When we do not deliberately think about our decisions, our brain will do it for us, as if it is on autopilot.

I truly believe in the Law Of Attraction. The entire premise can be summed up rather simply: what you think and feel, you attract back into your life. Like a Boomerang. Doesn’t that make so much sense? If you are thinking sad shit on repeat, you are going to feel sad. If you are choosing happy thoughts, you feel good. Super easy to comprehend.

We can only control one thing in this crazy world, ourselves. We have full authority over what goes on inside our mind. So start taking responsibility for what’s on repeat inside your brain. Get off of autopilot and start driving your life toward the destination that you want to go.

There is a simple premise to live by, do what makes you feel good.

You were not designed to be sad, depressed, or have anxiety. We were designed to be creators of our own realities. We were made to feel good.

We have a built in guidance system. Our emotions.

Emotions are a gift, a GPS system that guides us through life. When you feel anything but joy, you are really just feeling a disconnect with what you truly want in your life.

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If you are feeling sad, ask yourself, “what would make me happy right now?” If you are feeling pissed off, ask yourself, “what would calm me down right now?” If you are feeling annoyed, ask yourself, “what is it that I really want to be different about this situation right now?”

Notice how every questions ends with “right now”. That is literally all you have to concern your mind with, not five minutes ago, not seven months from now — right this very moment what can you do to feel good?

I know what you’re thinking, “But Kelly — brownies DO make me happy, and sleeping in DOES feel good.” No Susan. These emotions are a false-positive in your brain. A temporary endorphin. Because when you do hit the snooze until the last possible second, it causes you to feel rushed and have anxiety about your morning routine. When you do eat unhealthy, you know that those foods do not fuel your body (and there was that one article you read about processed foods causing cancer) and it then causes guilt to take up shop in your head.

Your feelings need to be genuinely good. You know, that exhilaration you feel after getting through a tough work out — which causes you to order a salad for lunch — and supplies you with authentic energy all day long.

The type of vibration that you put off when you are just proud of who you are, is a force to be reckoned with. You know those people that can just shift an entire room when they walk into it, with their beaming smile and high energy. Every single one of us is capable of this liveliness. It is our responsibility to seek it out within ourselves. Start right this very second, and begin to take control of your mind.

You are not your thoughts — you are the person who is listening to them.

So start paying attention to the story that you are telling yourself.

Most importantly, start acknowledging how you feel when you think they way you do.

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