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Figure Out What Makes Your Soul Smile — & do it.

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Everyone on the planet is good at something, but not everyone is doing what they are good at.

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If you needed a life-saving surgery, and you had the choice between an A student doctor or a C student doctor, you would undoubtably choose the A student doc. Think about yourself in this way, are you the A student at your life right now, or are you just coasting by with a C average?

Stop skipping class, stop sitting in the back row, and most importantly — stop looking at everyone else’s paper. This-is-your-life, no one else’s. You are responsible for your own damn grades.

Get your ass in gear!

Go buy a notebook, go home and sit in silence until you can write down three things that you are good at. Then write down three more things that you like to do. (Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean you enjoy doing it. I’m an excellent dish washer — but I wouldn’t willingly choose to wash dishes in my spare time.) Once you’ve done that — start making a list of ways that these specific activities could potentially start paying your bills. Start small, like “How can I make enough extra money this month, doing what I love, to pay for my cell phone?”

I think it is human nature to talk ourselves out of things, that would get us out of our comfort zones. We like our routines. Routines are safe, they are predicable, and they protect us from potential danger.


You will never grow, learn or experience anything new, if you don’t first do something different. You could get really crazy and drive a new route home from time to time. Who knows you might be behind someone who got in an accident, and you saved their life because you were a life guard one summer five years ago, and you knew how to perform CPR until the ambulance got there, then you could fall in love and marry the guy who was driving the ambulance!

Okay — I’m stretching — but you get my point.

We humans tend to over-think everything! There really is a simple answer to 99% of the problems that we create in our minds. We create fear, where fear should not exist. We make things hard, when they should be easy. We procrastinate, when we know we need to be productive. We sit and wait for motivation to slap us in the face, when all we really need to do is simply decide.

Decide to lose the 20 pounds and don’t let any slice of cake get in your way. Decide to quit your miserable job, and force yourself to figure out how to pay your mortgage while doing something you love! Decide that you don’t want to die of lung cancer, and quit freaking smoking. Decide that you want happiness for your life, and don’t settle for anything less.

Being happy is not a one size fits all. What makes your soul light up, may bore another person to death. So stop comparing yourself to anyone else, they don’t know you like you know you, just like you don’t really know them like you think you do. The world doesn’t need any more Robinsons, the world needs you. We need your smile, your personality, and your wits. We need you and all of your brilliant ideas. 

No one else in the world has lived the exact same story as you. We have all experienced life differently and that is what has made each and every one of us so damn unique. We all have something great within us to offer the world, and man — what a cool place it would become if we all were doing what made us happy.

Get out of your own head and just start making moves. One small decision after another, that’s how you create momentum. It really and truly is that simple. Figure out what makes you feel all giddy inside, and do it every damn day. Don’t let your alarm clock be the only reason you woke up today. Start demanding more of yourself and create your own destiny.

You deserve to be happy — stop telling yourself otherwise.

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