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So...I Did A Thing.

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

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So I did a thing.

But first, allow me to give you a bit of insight into my life before I tell you what I did.

In the last 2 years I have listen to 34 audio books on self-improvement. THIRTY – FOUR!

I know I know, sounds ridiculous. I have become slightly addicted to soliciting advice from people who have become or are working to become - the greatest version of themselves.

I wanted to know all the secrets to business and success and happiness. I wanted to fill my mind with positivity and motivation. So I sought out experts in just those things.

There are two principles that every single one of these books have in common.

1) Consistent Exercise 2) You are in control of your life

That’s it.

If you want to improve your life, every single self-help professional will tell you to move your body, (preferably first thing in the morning) and that you are 100% in control of your life.

There is absolutely no circumstance or situation that you are in right this moment, that you are now allowing to exist.

I know this fact, and yet - I literally can count on one hand how many times I have worked out in the last two years.

Pathetic, I know.

Stay with me.

I have blamed my lack of exercise on being a busy working mom, and that I just don’t have enough time. Bullshit – Kelly.

As Rachel Hollis would say, “If you want something bad enough you will find a way, if you don’t – you’ll find an excuse.”

So I am declaring right now, that I am done making excuses for myself. I am done telling myself lies in order to keep me in my comfort zone. Not January 1st - today - December 30th, 2018. I will no longer break promises to myself.

The best way to stick to a new goal, is to have a WHY.

You need a “why” that you will reference often - when it gets hard, when you loose you motivation, and when you just don’t feel like it.

Here are my WHYS:

1) I want to set an example for my kids that exercise is extremely important and that you have to nourish your body with good foods. I want them to grow up seeing me take care of myself in the best ways possible, and learn how to do the same for themselves when they grow up.

2) I want to get my energy back and stop feeling absolutely exhausted every day, all day.

3) I want to be genuinely happy with who I am, inside and out.

4) I want to look good for my husband and make him proud.

5) I want to be the best version of me that is possible.

I have had dozens of gym memberships in my life, none of them have truly shown me results.

Being the busy mom that I am, I for real do not have the time to pack a gym bag, drop my kids off at school, drive 20 minutes to the gym, spend 10 minutes stretching, 20 minutes doing cardio, and another 20 minutes wondering around the weights feeling awkward, until I finally go sit in the sauna and stretch again.

That’s the routine I use to have going to a gym, and I know that that kind of strategy will not get me where I want to be. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a thousand dollars a month to spend on a trainer to help me.

For the past few days I have researched all the new fads, trying to decide what would work for me instead of going to the gym. · Pure Barre - $149 per month or $340 for 20 classes – that expire

· Cycle Bar - $159 per month or $129 for 8 rides – that expire

· Yoga Stand - $109 per month or $199 for 15 classes – that expire

These pricing are outrageous! I just cannot reason myself into spending that much every single month on working out. Like, I struggle to spend $40 bucks on my nails from time to time.

So I looked into the other work-out craze that I have been hearing about. Beachbody.

I messaged one of the coaches that I follow on insta and asked her for some more info. I totally expected it to be like $49.99 per month with $199.00 annual fee – or something ridiculous like that.

To my surprise it was not that at all!!

You guys, the Beachbody program comes with over 700 workouts, done by professional trainers, and cost me $14.00 per month (a year up front of course!) They even have Yoga, and that ish' is my jam! The sign on package was on sale, and comes with a month worth of shakes. I am all for a good deal AND freebies.

My favorite part about the entire deal, is that it is like Netflix for fitness! It is an app you can put on your smart TV, tablet, or phone and can access these workout programs from anywhere at any time - no driving and coordinating toddlers and no walking around clueless in a gym.

So I jumped on it! Not only did I sign up, I signed up for the coaching package – which I felt will give me the extra dose of commitment that I need on this journey to really stick to it.

So anyways, that’s the thing that I did.

I am done with living as half of the person that I know I am capable of being.
I know that a healthy lifestyle will help me accomplish the bigger goals that I have for myself, and I am not leaving those dreams on the table because the couch is comfortable!

Cheers to a badass 2-0-1-9!!

If you want to join me, please don’t hesitate to message me! Lets navigate this journey together!

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