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Sorry My Face Was An Asshole

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

My face is entirely incapable of hiding my emotions. It’s been a life long struggle — and the older I become — the less I care. Women sometimes get referred to as having a “resting bitch face.” I like to refer to my face as a “resting emotionally obvious face.”

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So I can’t hide what I truly feel. That definitely is not the worst quality one could posses. The problem with this lovely attribute, is that my words are not always fitting to my face.

I am a natural peace seeker. I choose to avoid conflicts at all cost. My face on the other hand could care less, and will eye roll me right into an argument. An argument that I don’t particular care to be a part of, but my face just decided to drag my ass into it without my consent.

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Being the peace seeker that I am — I am terrible at arguing. In fact, arguing is most likely my least appealing quality. I just end up getting all frazzled, I start word vomiting, and at some point — I black out because I think my mind finally realizes the damage my face has done and decides to just check out on me completely. Like — Nope, not doing it. Thanks for leaving me hanging, brain.

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Seriously though, having a face that conveys your emotions could totally work to your benefit. I am not always forthcoming with my opinions, my ideas, and certainly not my feelings. My face on the other hand is bold and brave and puts me out there to be exposed. My face will openly let you know that I either love you to the moon and back, or that I’m overly annoyed with you and I want you to stop talking.

I have actively tried to control my possessed face. It is useless. My eyeballs, perched lips, and wrinkled forehead have an agenda all of their own. They don’t consult me before taking action. My will to keep the peace does not affect their desire to get their point across. My expressions are eager to be heard!

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Most of the time, I don’t even realize that my face has offended someone, until it is too late. The damage has been done. Just like you can’t take back something once the words leave your mouth, same goes for your face. You cannot undo an expression that has been stamped onto your face, that was directly intended for the other person in the conversion. You’re fucked. Your judgy opinion is out there for all to see.

Often, my face doesn’t even match my opinion. I could smell, eat, or drink something that I actually liked but if my taste buds were caught off guard, my face will show it. Then I have to find the words to convince my mom that I actually did love her meatloaf.

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If you find yourself in a relationship with someone, and they suffer from a “resting emotionally obvious face”, allow them some extra allotted time to explain themselves. Their face might not have given you the impression that they intended. Love them anyways, but more importantly — trust the explanation they give you, even if it contradicts their face, they didn’t mean it.

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Peace, Love & Eye rolls.

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