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The Mother Hustler’s Saving Grace. Get Yourself A Cierra.

First off, I have to disclose that what I am about to write about this young woman could potentially be completely bias. Cierra is my kids favorite daycare teacher, which makes her my favorite person! She has been with my kiddos since birth. Cierra has swaddled them, cuddled them, played with them, taught them, changed them, potty trained them, fed them, and most importantly she has shown them an abundance of love. Every working momma needs a person in their life that looks after & loves their babies as much as they do, when they cannot be with them. A daycare teacher is going to be with your kids for more hours of the day than you are, so I pray that you are blessed with one as wonderful as I have found. It is heart-wrenching every-single-time I drop my kids off at daycare and they beg me not to go. But Cierra knows what their meltdowns look like, what their pre-meltdown looks like, and she knows how to prevent it completely or soften the tantrum. She knows that my sons loves a certain blue chair, so she keeps it empty just for him. She knows that he cannot sleep without his two favorite stuffed animals and blue blanket. She knows that sometimes all my daughter needs is to go into her bubba's room for just a minute, so that she wont be so sad after I leave her. She teaches them songs about Jesus and how to play nicely. She teaches them about respect and patience. She teaches them kindness and compassion. She teaches them everything that I am not able to, and my gratitude for her could not possibly ever be expressed into words.

So, now that we have that out of the way, let me introduce you to this kind soul.

Cierra currently works as a teacher at Mrs. O’s Learning Academy and is the assistant director to children’s ministries at her church. She was born and raised in Lubbock, TX and she plans to keep it that way – well – for the most part.

In Texas, we have a saying that people “find Jesus”, as if they had lost him at some point, and that’s what I would say about Cierra. She found Jesus in her early twenties, and since becoming baptized, she has dedicated her life to spreading the word of the Bible. More specifically, she wants to dedicate her life to missionary work and teaching children to hear the voice of God.

Cierra took her first mission trip to Ecuador in the spring of 2018, and absolutely fell in love with bringing hope and love to people in despair. Her heart was forever changed when she was awoken to the overwhelming need for God and his teachings in such poverty stricken countries. She knew, like love at first site, that she was called to serve the Lord in this particular way.

Upon returning from Ecuador, she immediately signed up for her second mission trip, which she flies out for in January 2019 to Haiti. She had absolutely no idea how she would raise the money needed for the mission trip, but she did know that if God lead her to it – He would provide – and provide He did. With just over a month to spare, Cierra completed her fundraising.

I believe with every fiber in my soul that God provides each and every one of us with a gift that is uniquely ours. He gave Cierra the gift of kindness. She processes this genuine kindness, that you can feel just by being in her presence. It radiates from her smile and naturally makes you feel uplifted, just be being around her.

Cierra is God’s gift to not only my children, but all children that get the pleasure of learning from her. She speaks with such grace and patience, and has a way of commanding compassion in her classrooms. I am blessed to have had her in my life since I became a momma - she has taught me so much more than she knows.

I am so eager to see how this young woman changes the world. I'll be rooting for you throughout your journey girl. Sincerely, Your biggest fan.

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