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You ALWAYS Have Two Choices

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I don’t care what situation you currently find yourself in, you are not stuck.   You simply have to decide, do you want to follow your head or your heart?

Every single decision that we make, small or life changing will always come down to choosing to side with your mind, or trusting your hearts instinct.

Do you depend on logic or love?

I think for me personally, I tend to side with my heart. I am a Libra after all. We are sympathetic & understanding by nature.

I trust that my heart has my best interest in mind. That love is the ultimate goal of our lives, and to accomplish a successful life — we must be genuinely content in our soul. I believe that our hearts are the entrance to our souls.

On the flip side — I get leaving your choices to reason, justice and logic. I love to make list of pros and cons before every major decision. There is certainly benefits from playing out every possible scenario in your head, but there is also a damage that can be done to your potential by overthinking.

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On average people make around 35,000 slightly conscious decisions every single day.

We should be decision-making experts with that amount of experience — but we are not. We struggle to decide to wake up, to choose to eat healthy, to be productive, to call someone, it is hard for us to figure out what to make for dinner.

So when it comes to major life choices, like whether or not to quit your job and pursue your daydream — we panic. We cannot wrap our brains around how such a drastic adjustment, will affect us. It is extremely difficult to imagine ourselves living a different routine — stepping into an entirely new reality.

Stop spending so much time playing out the endless scenarios — and start making quick decisions about what you want from your life.

Worry, fear, and anxiety only exist in your mind. Those emotions cannot affect you unless you allow them to. Without your permission, they have no real power. Stop authorizing them to have a voice in your life and sway your decisions.

Whatever decision you find yourself facing, follow your heart — but take your brain with you.


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