My Life As a Wife

Growing up, the thought of "settling down" terrified me. I was a bit of a free spirit. 

One of the first conversations that I had with my now husband was, "I don't want anything serious." Then I proceeded to move in with him. That's a story for another time, but when ya know - ya know! 

Sharing your life with someone has so many more big & small challenges than what we are taught to expect growing up. Nothing about marriage is easy or picture perfect but, I will tell you that it is so so so worth it. 

Being a wife has fundamentally changed me. Being Derek's wife, has made me grow as a person on such a deep level, that no words could possibly express my gratitude for him.

I hope that through my blog I can offer wives some realness about marriage. I want to inspire women to become the best wife possible, so that your family can not only survive but thrive.

My Happily Ever After

My forever Best Friend

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